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Our lawyers in Tenerife provide legal assistance and defense in relations with the Spanish Courts or any other entities, public or private.

Our solicitors render assistance to all types of clients, be they private individuals or firms.

ILS can also provide legal assistance in obtaining the relinquishment and compensations in Timeshare contracts.

Other Services

We offer specialized advice on Immigration Law and Spanish Nationality, assisting our clients in the presentation of files before the instruction offices, comprehensively covering all their needs.

We present the initial residence permits for all foreigners located throughout Spain immediately, without the need for an appointment or for you to personally go to the Immigration Office.

We Nationalize you, we change your NIE for DNI and Spanish passport, submitted the applications for Spanish Nationality via normal Telematics or via the Bar Association, you choose!

“Our collaboration with our clients is characterized by the transparency and simplicity of our Professional Service Agreement and last but not least by our constant dedication in obtaining the best results to our client’s claims, may these be simple relinquishments or compensation requests.”

Razvan Gospodin

(Founder and registered lawyer nº 5961 in the Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de Santa Cruz de Tenerife)

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